Saturday, July 22, 2017

WCW #18: Practice-Practice-Practice

Taking time to reset the pallet
Happy Watercolor Wednes....ummmm...Saturday, folks! Yes, like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. I'm late with this week's post, but there are 35 reasons why. Earlier this week, I was at a conference with this great group of teachers learning how to be better in the classroom so that students are prepared for....wait for!

The finest educators I know...all are dedicated to helping students be successful!
Yes, this truly is my first passion. Ensuring that students are empowered to make a difference. Students are our future, and the time investment is so worth it. But enough sappy-stuff...on to this week's post.

One thing I know our students truly hate is when a teacher says...'try that again,' or 'if you considered adding  ___ here, then ___.' Yep, we're talking about revision, do-overs, and even starting all over again. But isn't that what learning is all about? One thing our dear young students...and even not realize is the greats from Beethoven to Dr. Seuss all drafted, re-worked, and even scratched a project to start all over again. Yes, perfection is not immediate. It takes time, patience, and honest reflection. That is when the best in each of our selves shine. So below is a review of some of my favorite do-overs. I'll begin with the ugly, maybe the better, and then my current best. By no means am I finished. Staring into the eyes of the teachers above, I know I've only just begun! Enjoy!

First attempt at Yes, to me, it's more like a pumpkin. Painted 2016

Today's version...looks a little more like an apple!

April 2017's version of cactus with  flower buds

April 27, 2017...following along with Jay Lee Watercolor on YouTube

July 2017's version. This was painted from cacti in my own yard. A true original.
Thanks for scrolling through the entire post. And if you know a teacher, please thank them for all they do for kiddos. Until next week...paint your heart out!!

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