Saturday, July 1, 2017

#100 Days #11

Chihuahuan Desert
Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Hopefully, you are enjoying a nice long weekend this 4th. Today's post features three pieces. It was another busy week in education land. While teachers usually have their long summer's nap this time of year, many are out in full force attending professional development in order to hone skills and find that one nugget that will help students be successful. This week was no exception. I was able to spend three days with 25+ educators delving into best practices for teaching reading. It was a wonderful experience!

The first piece, above, was inspired by this little guy, below. I purchased a pair of quail [at least that's what I think it is...] many years ago in Juarez. I have always been drawn to Mexican art on pottery and figurines. So the painting above incorporates the feel of those patterns.

My favorite figurine
This next painting was the favorite of the week. Perhaps it was the simplicity, or perhaps it was the quote. Whatever the draw, Instagram followers and fans seemed to like this one the best-- 

This week's favorite
This week wouldn't be complete without my personal favorite. I like this one because I am beginning to experiment more with layering various patterns and values of colors. The painting below represents what I have been working toward since learning brush lettering last year and picking up watercolor this year. I'm getting closer to my ideal, but I still have a long way to go.

My favorite--getting closer to the goal every day!
Thanks for stopping by everyone. And for those of you who have served our country: Thank you! And to us all...stay safe and have a great time this weekend!!

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  1. My favorite is the last one! Love the layering.


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