Sunday, June 18, 2017

WCW #14: Flat Brush Practice

Analogous Colors and Flat Brush Marks
Happy Father's Day everyone! Yes, that should read 'Happy Watercolor Wednesday,' but last week was a monster of a week. It was hard finding a moment to breathe, must less post. Some weeks I will have to be okay with 'better late than never.' Because it's been hectic, I decided to work with a book by Jenna Rainey at Mon Voir. The book is Introduction to Floral Watercolor. I cannot seem to get enough inspiration or practice! Her book is definitely for the beginner, but there is something for everyone. She is also coming out with a book in the fall called Everyday Watercolor. You can pre-order on Amazon, and now is a great time to do so because it's only $15.17!

Introduction to Floral Watercolor

In addition to working with this book over the past few weeks, I've been dabbling with some galaxy painting. I decided to use a flat brush technique for the 'galaxy' below, and to achieve the tri-color effect, I swiped my 1" flat into red, yellow and orange.

Tri-color wash

To finish my galaxy, I added some Copic white splatters and 'stars'. This is not your typical galaxy by any means, but I had fun watching the colors mix and meld together!

Tri-color Galaxy
Until next Wednesday [which will be on time], paint your heart out!

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