Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WCW #13: Hard Edges

Keeping edges soft...
I am finally learning to either wet the paper first--or--blend out hard edges.
Happy Watercolor Wednesday to you everyone! Today's post is dedicated to hard edges, or the lack thereof. Being a watercolor newbie, it is easy to guess what I've struggled with most...the vehicle for the pigment or water control. Watercolor teachers, hobbyists, and YouTubers have all said the same thing: keep practicing, you'll get the hang of it. While that is good advice, I stumbled upon an artist that helped me fast forward the trial-and-error phase of my journey.

I introduced Louise De Masi in my previous post, WCW #12: Layers. Her care in explaining each move she makes with water and pigment truly helped. For the larkspur painting, I started with a 'shiny-wet' application of water. Then I dropped in pigment to watch the petals form. While I'm always mesmerized by the movement of the pigment, I was even more amazed by the lack of hard edges when it dried. That was one lesson learned.

For this painting, i took care to blend hard edges before they dried.

Another favorite YouTube watercolor instructor is Steve Mitchell with The Mind of Watercolor. I have mentioned him in previous posts as well. He, too, takes great care to explain each and every minute step he takes when watercoloring. The first painting represents weeks of study...not only painting the flowers, but controlling the water to achieve the look I desire.

I'm sure in the weeks and months to come, water control will continue to be a concern of mine as I know I haven't fully mastered the balance. But seeing some progress certainly helps me stay motivated to experiment and not worry about mistakes...especially when hard edges are unwanted.

I hope this post is a little helpful. Let me know how you learned water control while painting, or even what you are still struggling with. Together, I'll bet we can figure it out! Until next time...paint your heart out!

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  1. I am going to check out these two artists you mention since I want to improve my watercolor techniques too.


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