Saturday, June 3, 2017

#100 Days #7

Inspired by artist, Victoria Johnson. I recently
took her Skillshare course called Gestural Florals
Hello and welcome to June everyone! My husband and I finally booked a condo for our vacation this summer, so things are looking solid in that department. Now, I have to focus on a ton of work during the month of June in order to earn that one short week of rest! Oh, well! In looking through the journal this week, it seems I was stuck on a flower theme. That's okay. What I think that means is, I'm becoming more comfortable painting them!

A simple bouquet
I think it was Wednesday when I realized that May was over, so this was a nod to the month we associate with flowers. Then...I guess I couldn't quit with the flower thing motif! This painting was inspired by Instagrammer @myartsituation.

Most popular image on Instagram this week
I had a lot of fun with the 'Floral Arranger' picture. I drew inspiration from Instagrammer @georgiousdraws.

My favorite this week
This painting was inspired by Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir. She is an amazing artist, and last night I broke my #30dayswithoutspendingmoney pledge [by the way, that pledge has been broken about 20 times in the last ten days] and ordered her Floral Watercolor Booklet. They are still available as of today's post [June 3, 2017]. I cannot wait to get mine. I will do a feature post in the near future.

So, today's question is: What is your favorite flower...or...favorite flower to paint? Please leave a comment below. Until next week, paint your heart out!!

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