Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WCW #8: Depth

Cactus: Jay Lee Watercolor
Happy Watercolor Wednesday to you! This week's focus is on depth. I began my practice from last week by following along with Jay Lee Watercolor's: Easy Simple Cactus Painting for Beginners.  I must have watched the video five times before giving it a try. I like how he models painting the basic shape, and then working between wet-in-wet and wet-in-almost dry to create depth to the shape.  You can see hard edges in my version, but I am proud of the fact that you do see some highlights [although I'm not sure the light is coming from the same direction... :-}]. That said, I did make this cactus my own by selecting my own color, adding a ground and sky, and topping it off with a cactus flower. We have spineless cacti all over our yard, and someday I hope to paint our own cacti. This painting is giving me confidence that I will be able to do that soon!

My own: Berries & Leaves
It's important to know that I actually started this journey to be able to paint leaves, berries, and flowers in a wreath. I see these all over Instagram and I'm amazed at all of the quick-time videos of artists creating beautiful wreaths in seconds flat! :-) While my painting above does not have layers of color, it does have depth due to the leaves and berries having different values. The stems were painted in a greenish Payne's gray ever so lightly to add structure. Then when the leaves and berries were painted, I went back in with a 0.005 Micron marker to add veins to the leaves to add texture and definition to the berries and stems. This is one of my very favorite so far because I feel I'm getting somewhat closer to my goal.

My own: Pink Flower
Continuing on in my quest for depth in watercolor, on Sunday I watched The Mind of Watercolor: Strathmore Artist Workshop: Botanical Rose Part 1. I've said it before...what I like about Steve's instruction is that he breaks down all of the steps. After watching this video, I was able to sketch [okay, not perfectly...working on it] a flower, use watercolor blending techniques to add depth, and left areas highlighted to create a realistic curved shape to the petals. I rushed the 'details' part, but I'm hoping to concentrate on that in the future when I have other skills in place. What I'm most proud of is I actually managed to practice my goals and not have any hard edges! Hard edges are fine if you know what you're doing...but believe me, I do not. So for now, I'm happy with the progress I made this week.

What challenges are you facing? I'd love to hear from please leave a comment below.

Until next time...paint your heart out!

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