Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WCW #10: Wet-in-Wet Technique

Child's Play
Happy Watercolor Wednesday everyone! I hope this week is treating you well and you are enjoying the springtime weather. Honestly, I started a different topic earlier this week, but yesterday, I decided to work on my wet-in-wet technique. I wanted to give it a go again because I realized there were two things I was doing wrong prior to this attempt:

  1. Previously, my lighting was not at the right angle so I could not tell how wet the paper was before dropping in color.
  2. While I am still working on this, for this painting, I know I do not have quite enough pigment on my brush in order to get that nice swirl of color I see so many artists achieve in the videos I watch.
That being said, what I focused on in today's painting was not so much to drop color into a wet wash, but rather to wet a section at a time and then 'edge' the color in and let it swirl to the middle. I was working in an art journal, so I did not tilt the paper all that much. I didn't want the watery paint to slide outside of the 'borders.' I think I'll try it again and be a little more daring :-)! Below is the painting prior to adding the black line detail:

Child's Play--Step One
In this photo, I think it is easier to see how the edges began, but because I was in a hurry, sections did not dry completely before adding in adjacent color. That did not disappoint me, but I do know that I want to try this technique again and let each section dry well or almost dry before adding adjacent color to see how that changes the composition.

Why go through this practice? Eventually I hope to strengthen this technique so I can paint 'watery-almost-realistic-but-not-quite-so' florals. The best part of this exercise was taking a pencil and drawing squiggles and swirls just like I did when I was a school girl. This truly was a lot of fun, I learned a few things, and I cannot wait to try it again.

Thanks for stopping by...and until next week: Paint your heart out!!

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