Sunday, May 28, 2017

#100 Days #6

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Good Sunday morning everyone! I have been a busy painter this week, and one thing I've noticed is now that I'm approaching 50+ days on this journey, I'm beginning to plan my paintings more, sketch more, and study my subjects more. While this is a good also means that I'm spending more time on my art...again, this is a good thing...but now I'm heading into the busiest time of my work season. Ugh! This simply means I may be stepping back to work more on skills and less on 'art' so to speak. Here are a few of this week's favorites--

Vitex from my garden
This painting is of a favorite flower in my garden. I've admired this flowering shrub/tree in other people's yards, and I finally have one of my own.

Pink Flowers
A friend gave me a brochure of a florist, and on that brochure was a black-line drawing of the flowers you see above. So I sketched them out and painted them the color I wanted them to be!

My favorite this week
And these cuties were inspired by a vase my Mother's Day flowers came in. The vase has a white background with all sorts of circles and whimsical flowers painted all fun to paint!! Thanks for stopping by!

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