Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WCW #5--Washes

Rainbow Wash
Happy Watercolor Wednesday to you! This week's post is all about the wash! The wash above was an attempt at a rainbow wash ROYGBIV style...however, I didn't think about that when I started, so I'm out of order :-). With the wash above, I was actually practicing my dry brush strokes so that's why it isn't as smooth as it should be, in my opinion.

Permanent Rose, Cad Yellow Pale & Cad Red Pale
The next two photos demonstrate more of a wet-n-wet technique where blooms and color mixing on paper was encouraged. I decided to stay with a warm/cool color combo on both, but I did add yellow to my cool colors instead of incorporating green. One thing I would have done differently would be to relax and let the colors do their thing more. The temptation I always face is 'helping' the process along which results in a more 'mixed' look as opposed to a 'bloomy-natural-flowy' look.

Cad Yellow Pale, Ultra Marine, and Cerulean     

So, practice, practice, practice is in store for me! I like to watch and follow along with the video below. Meredith, at The Witty Gritty Paper Co., models and describes the process beautifully, and I remember the very first time I felt like I got it 'right'! She has several easy-to-follow, beginner watercolor videos over on You Tube that will help demystify the medium.

Palm Sunday Post on Instagram
After painting a few washes, I like to experiment with things I think I've learned. The photo to the right is a representation of that. This week many are celebrating Holy Week, so my Instagram post for Sunday represents the beginning of the week. Although not a true wash, you can see elements of the wash technique. I purposely painted blue stripes with a 1/2" flat brush, but I also went back and forth to lighten the dark strokes and darken light strokes in true watercolor wash style. I used a light paper--Canson Multi-Media paper, so honestly, a true wash wasn't going to happen anyway. I do like how the background turned out, however, and I think I'll use this technique to make backgrounds for my cards.

Thanks for stopping by! Please comment below and let me know how you like to approach your wash techniques. I'd love to hear from you!!

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