Friday, April 21, 2017

100 Days of Watercolor #1

Day 16--third attempt
TGIF everyone!! Hang on! It's just a few short hours away from the weekend. :-)

I wanted to take a moment to update my Watercolor Wednesday #6 post. In that post, I discussed failure as a necessary ingredient for growing and learning. Immediately after that post, I continued on my #100daysofwatercolorexercises journey for Instagram. Folks, nothing I painted with water, paper, and pigment worked. All of them...complete disasters...the entire day. I made four earnest attempts to produce a decent post, but after the last attempt, all I could do was put it out there for all to see!

Day 16--Cactus, take one
In a way it was freeing. It is one thing to state a's quite another to live it and own it. Well, I own it. The posted photos are my "best" worst failures for Day 16. Moving forward to Days 17 and 18, I was able to rebound from that experience. And when I say rebound...I mean in my "Mary Had a Little Lamb" level of watercolor painting rebound!

Day 16--Cactus, take two
This is what I learned:

  • Sometimes I need to let the paint dry
  • Sometimes I need to walk away and just stop
  • Sometimes I need to have a plan and maybe sketch first
  • All the time, I need to accept small steps forward. 
The 'take two' cactus actually shows texture and shading. I wasn't really going for that when I started. The pad in the foreground has depth and a curve to it. I've not been able to create 'roundness' before in my painting. And finally, the pad in the foreground has texture. So although it looks like a cactus from a Walking Dead episode, it's not that bad!

Thanks for stopping by, and until Wednesday, have a great weekend and paint your heart out!!

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