Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WCW #3: Practice

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This week's post is a reminder to myself that practice takes time, practice is sometimes pleasant, and sometimes practice is unpleasant. No matter what the day brings, practice is very much needed, no matter what the goal. I have heard one of my favorites, Watercolor Misfit say many gotta practice. Some...or probably many...say that watercolor as a medium is difficult to master. While that is probably true, I would ask: What is mastery in watercolor? I think the answer to that, at least for me is: When I have achieved the look I've dreamed about. That being said, mastery is also a moving target. While I may achieve the look I've dreamed of one day, tomorrow I may be stretching and dreaming for another style or look to achieve in my painting.

A very happy 'accident'!
The purple cone flower painted above was purely accidental after many sessions of painting leaves and attempting to paint flowers. I was so happy with the 'surprise' that I was wondering if I could recreate it. So, I decided to take a chance and incorporate it for a daily Instagram post. I was amazed that I could actually create another with relative ease. Practice does pay off!! Another thing I have learned over the last week is to make notes on all of my practices. I'm noting the date, the colors, type of brush and even the stroke. That way I can try to 'unlearn' bad habits or recreate good things like the flower above.

A small sample of my watercolor exercises last week.
So that's the end goal, right? What happens in the meantime? What I am discovering at an alarming rate is that if I don't paint--and I mean paint daily--my dreams will never be realized. There are things about watercolor that are quick, fun, and easy techniques. Then there is another side to watercolor which takes time and effort. But hey! If all of the practices are  mundane and dry, then I know that I'm going to give up quickly.

Below is a great video to spark creativity and to get to know the watercolor medium. [Disclaimer...the video below is a vlog and does include some of Carrie's creative insights which includes her life and artistic journey. If you want to get to the meat of this session, skip to 5.26 to get started!] I'm going to take my own advice, and for WCW #4, and I'm going to commit to really focusing on these exercises for the next week.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Please comment below and let me know about your artistic journey or any tips you've learned whether it be watercolor or any other medium!

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