Monday, January 23, 2017

My First Wreath!

My first wreath!
Good very early morning everyone! If you are up, like me, in the too early to be up morning, then I hope you are able to get some rest! While I love to scrapbook memories, make minis and banners, and create all sorts of cards, I am yearning to learn how to create my own art. The wreath above is my first attempt at doing just that. I've made several sketches, watercolor pieces, and near-art, but this is the first one that I can proudly publish on my blog.

I've graduated somewhat from You Tube to Skill Share where I found Peggy Dean aka The Pigeon Letters. She is a fantastic artist. She, along with other artist and how-to types upload detailed videos sharing all sorts of techniques. It is a subscription service, but to me it's so much cheaper, and easier, than waiting and hoping for an art course at the local Junior College. Message me or leave a comment below if you would like a three-month trial for $.99 per month.

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