Saturday, December 31, 2016

Paityn's Mini Album-Part 1

Hello everyone and Happy Last Day of 2016! This is the first post of several for this mini-album. Earlier this week, I got to spend the day with this cutie, my great-niece Hadley. She and I spent the day making a baby shower gift for her mother. Hadley is expecting her brand new baby sister in February, so we....

brought out all of Auntie Cindy's crafting supplies and haphazardly organized them on the kitchen table! Hadley spent time choosing beautiful papers to use with the albums while Auntie Cindy cut the cardboard for the mini-album. 

After the choices were narrowed down and organized, the pages were finalized. We were able to get a few of them decorated....

Front Cover--the back is from the same paper
Hadley added the names of her family for the first page....

Momma will always love this page...the handwriting of her 5 year-old
And together we chose accents and embellishments for two of the other pages. We didn't finish, but I have all of Hadley's papers and embellishments she chose in a project pouch so I can finish the project [alone...did I say that?]. I have until January 14th to finish everything, so I will have a few more posts. Of all of the creations I made this year...this one is my very favorite!

Fabulous darling....
What was your favorite project for 2016?
Mini-Album Recipe--and a quick word about my favorite companies:
Papertrey Ink's Mini Album and Tab Die set: I use scrap cardboard from cereal and pizza boxes to cut out the base for the pages. I use a corner punch to round two of the corners. Next, I cut out the papers, round the corners and adhere them to the cardboard base using my ATG tape gun. I used to paint regular glue or Mod Podge on the papers, but the wet glue would stretch the papers and I wound up cutting off the excess, then the edges were ragged, then I had to use Distress Inks to make them neat get the idea! Now, I'm really careful to get the glue tape close to the edges, and so far, this has worked very well.

I love, love Papertrey Ink. I have used this mini-album die and tab set so many times now I've lost count. Click on the mini-album in the word cloud on the right, and you'll see what I mean. I haven't posted half of the albums I've made with this set.

Cocoa Daisy: I like to subscribe to Cocoa Daisy for about 6 months at a time. They send such wonderful goodies each month. I have separate bins for all of the papers and a tub for all of the embellishments. As I work on projects, I reach for those goodies first. As they begin to dwindle down, I sign up for 6 more months! It saves a lot of time, and I am never disappointed in their kits!

In the next posts, I'll highlight a few more companies I shop with regularly and list their supplies as well.


  1. So cute! I've thought about trying an album and this inspires me to stop thinking and just do it.


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