Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Day for Celebrating!

Sympathy Card

Hello everyone! I have three celebrations to share.  I will be mailing two cards that are a celebration of life, and I am also celebrating the wonderful new lighting in my house!!

Celebration #1:  The card above will be going to my cousin and her family. Her mother, my Aunt Aline, went home Thursday morning. And while we will  miss her, we are  celebrating the full life she led and also that she is no longer in pain.

I made this card around mid-March. I finally purchased Turning a New Leaf, and I have always admired how others incorporate the beautiful leaves so skillfully. I lightly blended ink in the background and added Wink of Stella to give the leaves an embossed, shiny look.

Celebration #2: I am also celebrating new lighting in my house! I am now able to take pictures of my cards and have them look right! Our home was built in the 80's so that means we have been living with fluorescent lighting for quite some time. The ballasts finally gave out, and we gave in and updated to LED lighting. I feel so modern!!

My Sister's Birthday Card
Celebration #3: I finally get to mail this card to my dear sister who is catching up to me in age...but really isn't all that old!  Click here to see my full post on this card.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So sorry for the loss of your aunt, but it is comforting to know loved ones are in heaven & out of pain. 2 gorgeous cards, Cindy! You'll love Turning A New Leaf--I pull it out often & love the dies, too.


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