Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Birthday Banner for Big Boys

Cheers & Beers Banner for 30th Birthday Party

Please excuse my messy kitchen rack :-\  What I want to showcase today is a banner my sweet daughter-in-law requested for my son's 30th Birthday bash. She requested glittery paper, and because my son is 'over-the-hill,' black will be a major part of the color theme.

Recollections supplies from Michael's

I was lucky to find pre-made banners and a nice light-weight paper for the glittered letters.  This greatly reduced my cost and time investment.  One thing I'm finding out since taking a little sabbatical is that I'm much faster at designing and making paper crafting happen!

Experimenting with glue and paint for crackle effect.

I remembered that I had some Ranger crackle paint, but I knew that the little jars would not be enough for this project.  So I searched You Tube for the process of using glue as a medium for crackling paint.

The result--success!

Success!  It crackled.  I was tempted to go back over the cracks with another color, but my husband said he wanted the kitchen table back, so I left it alone.....

Completed panel w/glitter letter.

Above is one completed banner with glittery letter!  My daughter-in-law is pleased.  All that is left is to complete the decoration across the top....which I will wisely leave to her :-)


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